Thursday, February 7, 2008

How keyword density affects search results

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Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there's more to keyword density than you may have first thought.

Wondering how can keyword density affect your search results? Well its true that keyword density is indeed one of the main requirements in order to get the best results of a search in the web. So the importance of keywords in terms of its density is definitely one of the major reasons that are responsible to obtain best search results over the Internet. Keyword density is another factor besides keyword proximity that determines the performance of the web page in topping the search engine list of a particular search. While keyword prominence cannot be ruled out along with accepting the necessity of keyword density, the fact remains that both are an integral part of any content that is put up on the net and therefore both are to be focused in terms of importance.

Basically Keyword density may be defined as the percentage of words that is available on the web that actually matches a particular set of keywords. With regards to search engine optimization, it can be said that keyword density is one of the most important factor that determines whether a particular page has relevant mater with respect to the specified keyword or keyword phrase. Managing keyword density can be really tough if not done in a systematic way. In order to ease out the process, other measures are implemented by the search engines for tracking down the relevancy factor. This also helps in the prevention of crooked web masters from creating search spam through the swifter process of keyword stuffing method.

One of the most useful keyword tools, keyword density provides much relief to the web masters so that they are able to reach the targets of best keyword density level for a particular set of key word terms. Keyword density becomes all the more important because the search engines use the particular information to categorize the theme of the site apart from determining the relevancy of the site content. The perfection in the keyword density also helps in achieving high positions in the search engine. Balancing of the keyword density is also needed else there is a possibility of the content being flagged as keyword spamming. So too much of keyword density is detrimental for the general health of the web page or the content that is being posted over the net. Again too less keyword density is also not good for page content.

Keyword density also analyzes the chosen URL and returns a list of values that comprises of keyword density for one-, two-, or three-word key terms. Again order to imitate the functions of search engine spiders, keyword density filters out stop words that are common. It will also avoid filtering out stop words that is present in the middle of a term.

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