Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Keyword Frequency affects Search Engine Ranking?

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Keyword Frequency is an important thing for a person who writes a document for advertising it in Internet. This is the most important thing for making a particular document to achieve a high rank in search engine. Keyword Frequency means how frequently a particular keyword or a phrase of keywords has been used in a page. The more time it appears on page, more relevant it becomes to achieve a higher rank. Though it is better to make the keywords appear a lot of times in a particular document, it should not appear for so many times which can cause the spamming and the search engines can penalize for excessive use of a keyword. It is better not to use the same keyword phrases over and over again but to write with new keywords with somewhat similar meanings.

Keyword Frequency is often mistaken with Keyword Density. Keyword Density is the ratio or the percentage of the keywords, which is contained in a document within the total number of words of that particular page. And, Keyword Frequency means the number of times it is appearing in a web page document. So, one is the percentage and the other is the count. There is a certain percentage of Keyword Density which a writer should achieve to make it more relevant.

One of the important aspects of selecting a keyword or a keyword phrase in a document is that it should be the most important one in that document. It is needed for the relevance as well as it becomes easier to make it appear the desired number of times in that particular web page document. Regarding selecting keywords for making it more frequent, you can take help from the available keyword tools which suggests options for the given keywords in the form of showing synonyms. Sometimes, these tools also suggest some keywords or keyword phrases which can also be useful for the desired cause of making it more relevant.

For achieving high rank in search engine, Keyword Frequency should be neither too high, nor too low. If it is too low, then the search engines will not take it as relevant to the topic. And, if is too low, the search engines can penalize it and it will not appear in the list. Previously, it was possible to create a lot of keywords to make it more relevant to the search engine but, nowadays, it is not possible. The search engine also find whether the keywords appear on the top of the web page or not as if it do not appear the users find it difficult to view the relevant information.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keyword Prominence and SEO

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Keyword Prominence and SEO.

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Keyword Prominence means how prominently the keywords appear on the document. Keywords are nothing selected phrases from a particular document which is provided to the search engine for popularizing that particular document in that sear engine. People while searching information on a particular topic, often write these keywords in the URLs. The respective search engine searches for the keywords and displays the available pages based on the keywords depending upon the popularity of that particular site. The sites displayed higher are more popular and have been visited by more number of people than the rest and the popularity decreases as one approaches down the displayed sites. Everyone wants to strive for popularizing the respective page or the site in the search engine by developing a meaningful and appropriate content and the most necessary thing selecting appropriate keywords from the content itself. Keyword Prominence is a much talk about term which is responsible for the prominence of the document.

Keyword Prominence means how close to the start of the document, the keyword are placed. A keyword which appears at the beginning of the page is considered to be more relevant than others. It is also helpful to use the keywords in the middle and at the end of the document, too. If it is used like this, at the beginning, middle and at end, the Keyword Prominence increases thus increasing the popularity and weight of that page in the desired search engine.

In case of similar documents, in those documents where the keywords have bee used in second or third position lowers its popularity and thus lowering the position in search ebgine. The visibility if that particular page also becomes less than that document where the keyword has appears first. Keyword Prominence also refers and applies to the headings along with tags used in the content. One important factor of Keyword Prominence is related to tye actual content of the document. The keywords should be used very nicely in the body of the document to improve the chance of getting higher position in search engine.

Keyword Prominence plays an effective role in the search engines which are directory based, as for example, Yahoo. It creates a large difference with the using of keywords right at the beginning and also at the beginning if the description of the site. It creates a remarkable difference in the ranking of that site in the search engine.

Results have proved that percentage of Keyword Prominence is 100 if the keywords appear at the beginning and the Keyword Prominence is 50% if it appear in the middle or at the beginning with repetition towards the end. And, Keyword Prominence is 0% if it appear at the end.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Keyword Proximity and SERP

So what is Keyword proximity and SERP really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about Keyword proximity and SERP--info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.Keyword proximity affects your search engine optimization(SEO)and can help you to get good organic ranking in search engine result pages (SERP).

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Keyword Proximity-Do you wish to enhance your efforts for putting up a website? Then you need to take care of certain facts that are very much necessary for your efforts to become a real success. Everything however depends on how you perceive the search and what that perception ultimately leads to. One of the major factors that are generally kept in mind by the search engine operators is the factor of keyword proximity. In order to improve the search engine procedures and also increase the relevance of search engine it is very important to pay attention to keyword proximity. You also need to be aware of other factors as well like keyword prominence and keyword frequency besides keyword proximity, in order to get a clear picture of the whole thing.

Keyword proximity is also related with analyzing the usage of keywords in a proper way because this in the long run definitely helps in enhancing your searching activity. Performing a search in your favorite search engine will definitely yield results keeping in mind the factor of keyword proximity. The basic concept of keyword proximity deals or refers to the nearness between two or more than two keyword. The proximity of keywords has to be maintained because in that you will achieve much better result than you think so. The proper placing of the keywords is actually helpful so that the search targets are met with success. The closer the keywords, greater becomes the chances of ending up in a web page containing that key word.

It will be easy to understand the whole idea of keyword proximity by this simple example. Consider the following two sentences,

Sentence 1: What is keyword proximity?
Sentence 2: What is proximity of keyword?

Now if somebody searched with “keyword proximity”, then he is likely to find the web page that has sentence 1 which comparatively higher than sentence 2. Now the simple reason as to why this happens is because the keywords are placed in proper way. You will also notice that the sentence 2 has “of” in between the keywords that hamper its performance to get into the top selection of the search engine. So it will be really helpful to if you can avoid the use of “filler words” or “stop words” between the important keywords. The reason is , you can definitely top the search engine results for non broken words more than broken words. It is not that the latter is not possible however, in terms of saving time its best to apply unbroken phrases to get best results. Also, the logical search and the reversal of keyword phrase return with a different kind of result. So it is very important to use the keyword proximity in a wise manner.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

How keyword density affects search results

Are you looking for some inside information on keyword density? Here's an up-to-date report from keyword density experts who should know.

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Wondering how can keyword density affect your search results? Well its true that keyword density is indeed one of the main requirements in order to get the best results of a search in the web. So the importance of keywords in terms of its density is definitely one of the major reasons that are responsible to obtain best search results over the Internet. Keyword density is another factor besides keyword proximity that determines the performance of the web page in topping the search engine list of a particular search. While keyword prominence cannot be ruled out along with accepting the necessity of keyword density, the fact remains that both are an integral part of any content that is put up on the net and therefore both are to be focused in terms of importance.

Basically Keyword density may be defined as the percentage of words that is available on the web that actually matches a particular set of keywords. With regards to search engine optimization, it can be said that keyword density is one of the most important factor that determines whether a particular page has relevant mater with respect to the specified keyword or keyword phrase. Managing keyword density can be really tough if not done in a systematic way. In order to ease out the process, other measures are implemented by the search engines for tracking down the relevancy factor. This also helps in the prevention of crooked web masters from creating search spam through the swifter process of keyword stuffing method.

One of the most useful keyword tools, keyword density provides much relief to the web masters so that they are able to reach the targets of best keyword density level for a particular set of key word terms. Keyword density becomes all the more important because the search engines use the particular information to categorize the theme of the site apart from determining the relevancy of the site content. The perfection in the keyword density also helps in achieving high positions in the search engine. Balancing of the keyword density is also needed else there is a possibility of the content being flagged as keyword spamming. So too much of keyword density is detrimental for the general health of the web page or the content that is being posted over the net. Again too less keyword density is also not good for page content.

Keyword density also analyzes the chosen URL and returns a list of values that comprises of keyword density for one-, two-, or three-word key terms. Again order to imitate the functions of search engine spiders, keyword density filters out stop words that are common. It will also avoid filtering out stop words that is present in the middle of a term.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Importance of Keywords in SEO

The most fundamental fact about keywords is that, it is used for performing a search. Keywords are generally used by Web surfers in order to describe what they expect to find when performing a search on the web. The source of all rankings in the search engine is keywords. Yes, search engines utilize all kinds of technology that is beyond the average person's conception, there is but it all comes down to words. The keyword phrases are entered by the search engine users to find the information they need.

One of the important aspects about keywords is, the search engines use the keywords to guide your site, and consumers use them in searches to find your site. There are several strategies in order to develop keywords. These may be like, developing keyword phrases, which means it is difficult to set high on a single-word search. Matching the phrases that are used by the consumers increases both position and the consistency ratings many search engines use. You can even consider surveying the market regarding what kind of key phrases can be used for a site if that particular is being studied. You can even chose to brainstorm for key phrases that efficiently illustrate the image you want to bring to mind. Considering different aspects is also helpful like, items for sale, information offered by you, tone of the site, consumer benefits and secure transactions online.

You can also check out for keywords in the content of the site. Also check the meta tags on competitors’ sites to understand what key phrases are being used by them. You can also check with meta tags put on sites that trace high for your key phrases, and find out what other key phrases are being used. However, if you have only very few key phrases, then you can include plural versions, alternative capitalization, and common misspellings in the meta keywords tag. Some of the search engines are not plural- or case-sensitive, and visitors often misspell search terms.

The search engines often use the key phrases in many ways, and place the site at higher position depending on how the key phrases are being distributed throughout the whole length of the page. Some of the strategy includes the creation of meta keywords tag for each page on your site with all the relevant key phrases, separated by commas. Besides these, using the keywords through out the document also helps. Important places that are focused by the search engines where they hunt for the keywords or the key phrases are title tags, heading tags, img alt tags, and links.

Consider reflecting the key phrases in the text also. Using the important keywords in the links helps too as it broadens the content. One of the most important aspects of the keywords is that it helps in the content creation thereby drawing both the consumers and the engine reviewers.

With the advent of technology, Internet spread its wings all across the globe. Accessing the web has come a long way from the time all the activity started few years back regarding the web. It is not necessary to mention as this one of the basic and fundamental fact in the web world, that the very basis of all the search engine rankings is keywords. Thus the importance of keywords is something that cannot be denied under any circumstances. The web world is a wonderful world but without the keywords the world is meaningless and motionless too.

There are many tools that have enhanced the search engine optimizers and contributed in the development of the web technology. There are several areas that are required to be kept in mind while developing the content element of a site. These are keyword density, keyword proximity, keyword prominence; keyword frequency among the many other tools that are considered for narrowing down the search and providing relief to the end users by detecting the target keywords. What is common in all of this is the presence of keyword, thus establishing the importance of keywords firmly even more than before.

Search engine users enter the keyword phrases into a search engine to find the information they need. To get noticed you need to get the top most positions in the keyword listings. The emphasis on keywords is also necessary so that your website comes into limelight and is able to get lot more traffic than imagined. So it does not matter whether you are optimizing your website with a view to acquire natural rankings or earn the revenue purely on the basis of pay-per-click campaign, the importance of keywords is undeniable.

To improve the search engine rankings, many techniques are used but what is common in all this is keywords, as mentioned before. The basic idea that you can relate to the importance of keywords is the fact that, it is the keyword that actually leads the search engine users to the respective site. Use of right keywords is therefore very much important. It is one of the first step that can be considered to experience a better search engine place. It is best to analyze your business carefully and think of the words that can be related to the company or the product.

As your thought procedure works towards the use of right keywords, you can also consider several other things like, think of all those who may need your services and target them with appropriate keywords. By proper inclusion of keywords in pages and also bringing in lot of variations, you can ensure that people will definitely search your site using all kinds of keywords. Making your site easily accessible also means that the keywords can be misspelled, capitalized and plural keywords. Including longer forms of keywords too helps a lot. You have to always remember that the more specific your keywords are, the better probability that people who find your site through search engines will essentially benefit from its content. usetherightkeywords.com informs you about importance of keywords, to know more about other aspects of keywords, do keep browsing the page!